Saturday, 18 April 2009

Used Cars Appreciating

I have just been studying April's Glass's Guide, used car trade prices have continued to rise the cars i have checked so far which i are in my stock have risen by an average of £162.50 each, i am keeping the retail prices the same for the moment, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy good clean cars at sensible prices to replace the stock which has sold.

I don't think the situation will ease in the near future as even if the government bring in the proposed scrappage scheme there will be no incentive for people with 3 to 8 year old cars to buy a new car and for their part exchanges to then filter through to the trade, and i presume that residual values will be affected as in some cases you will be able to get a new car cheaper than a 2 year old model, and 10 year old car will have a greater value than an equivalent spec and mileage 8 year old car.

Should be fun over the next few months

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