Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Car Advertising

I've been looking around on the internet at the way manufacturers advertise their vehicles and trying to establish who they are tryingto appeal to, I have to confess that i am mystified, although i realise that some of the adverts are fake, it would seem that the real adverts are nearly as bad, a lot of the adverts are made in really poor taste unfortunately they appeal to my sense of humour. I was going to post links to them on my twitter site but having read some of the comments made about the videos i decided against that idea so i have embeded the videos in my blog.

The Top Gun Motors advert is pretty memorable.

I will warn you that the next one is scary, its not a real advert and was sent to me a couple of years ago, I in turn sent it to my friend who was just cutting into the steak and kidney pudding he was having for dinner, the pudding ended up stuck to his ceiling and he was covered in chips and gravy, the message that accompanied the video said that if you turned your speakers up to full you could here the car misfiring as it came up the hill, DO NOT TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP and dont watch it if you have a weak heart!!

The next advert is for a Toyota which no shocks in this one and its pretty funny!

Another Toyota advert showing a young lady causing havoc as she walks up the road.

The Smart Four Two commercial highlights the dangers of owning a car that has seats in the back!

A clever advertisement for the BMW M5

The following adverts are guaranteed to offend just about everybody, so if you dont have a sense of humour please dont read any further,

Dont watch if your a bird lover

Dont watch if your a cat lover

Dont watch if your a Blonde

Dont watch if you or your husband is having an affair(or both of you are)

Questionable Taste Adverts Dont Watch If You Are Easily Offended

The 911 obviously has a faulty speed sensor.

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