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Barrie Crampton #pinitforwarduk

Thanks for the Intro Nick @ and fellow Pinner

Hi, my name is Barrie and I am addicted to Pinterest :-) , I’m a 55 year old, extremely cynical Car Dealer from the United Kingdom who has a tendency to “think outside the box” I also write a blog  

I am probably not your average “pinner”, so I was little surprised when out of the blue I was invited to the UK pre launch #pinitforwarduk party and asked to share my thoughts regarding Pinterest. Initially I jumped at the chance, but now it’s time to do it, I’m kind of wishing I hadn’t because I don’t know where to begin, or for that matter where to end.  

Pinterest has become an invaluable resource to me, it has transformed the way I work, and use my computers and Iphone, I could go on forever about its benefits. First and foremost, Pinterest is my antidote button to being negged out by the World News, it has both a motivational and inspirational effect on me. I can tell you that logging on to Pinterest, where I see a new constantly updating collection of all my favourite things and places, gives me, pleasure, new hopes, dreams, ideas and aspirations every single day, sure I can’t afford most of them but I do enjoy looking. 

As you will see if you visit my boards I have rather diverse interests, and hobbies, they range from, Classic Cars, Super Cars, Harley Davidson Motor Cycles, Power Boats, Men’s Fashion, Guns, Gadgets, Fine Dining, California, Sorrento, and looking for new exotic places to holiday. They are all catered for in abundance on Pinterest. 

It’s said that a picture paints a thousand words and that’s certainly true when you’re searching for something on the internet. Pinterest is the equivalent of having your own in house army of researcher’s, who are all working tirelessly to help you. In my opinion a Pinterest “Search” is infinitely superior to “Googling” . I find what I want, not what Google want me to, or what someone’s paid them to put in front of me in a sponsored link. 

I look through my search specific Pin - ctures till I see one that catches my eye. I don’t have to trawl through all the spurious “Expert” pages that Google dredges up, the best information has been filtered out for me by a brethren of “Expert Pinners”, I’m normally no more than 2 clicks away from the web site that I need, and it's linked directly by a great picture. 

Try it yourself, search for something you like, click on a picture, then click on “Visit Website” there it’s that simple. For reference to the site in future you just click “Pin it” and attach it to one of your “Boards” that way you have your own organised link and visual reminder to the site/information. 

There are so many uses for Pinterest, for instance I have made a board that recreates the “Favourite Websites” on my computer using “Pins” as quick links and bookmarks , previously if there was no “clue” in the sites Domain Name, I usually had absolutely no idea where the links would take me, or why on earth I thought it was important enough to save in my favourites.  

To overcome this problem I've linked the web addresses that I use to a logo or picture as a visual reminder of what it is, now I don’t have to waste my time clicking on them all till I find the one I wanted :-). Simply by logging on to my Pinterest account I can use my “Favourite Websites” from my Windows PC, my Mac, my Works PC, my Laptop, My I Pad, or the nearest computer to hand, instead of trying to remember, or having to Google them. 

I am not the most Dexterous person in the world as I have hands like a bunch of bananas, now you may be thinking “that’s very unfortunate Baz but what’s it got to do with me or Pinterest? Well unless you have a “Freaks of Nature Board” not much, but it does mean that if I open the “Pinterest” App on my IPhone, then my ”Favourite Websites” board, I can immediately click on the site I want, instead of having to squint at an unbelievable small address bar that I can hardly see, and then try to type a domain name on a keyboard where one of my fingers obscures 4 of its characters.  

Pinterest is constantly being updated and improved and a recent addition is the option to create “Secret Boards”, these can be “For your eyes only” or you can share them with people you choose to invite. Now I’m sure they can and will be put to many other uses, but I am going to make some “Secret Boards” that I will be able to access from my smart phone or from any computer anywhere in the world for the following purposes. 

My first “Secret Board” will for reasons that will become obvious my “Twin Tower or 4 Minute Warning Board” it will have pictures of the people I hold dear, photographs that have captured the joyous occasions, and the way I was feeling, with those people and at those special and sometimes surreal moments in time, moments that have documented and defined my journey through life, and still bring a smile to my face whenever I recall them.  

Specifically with this board in mind I have suggested to the Powers that be at Pinterest that they should add a slideshow function, and although I use Pinterest primarily for fun, when I find myself far away from home or If I am ever caught in a situation like the people who perished in 911, I want to be able to remember the good times ! (automated and randomly shuffled if possible guys).

On my second “Secret Board” I will keep Important contacts, plumbers, electricians, builders, bank, house insurer, car insurer, building society, restaurants, takeaways, decorator, gardener, garage, mechanic, body shop, tyre fitter, hairdresser, etc, etc, I will link a picture,  to their web site, and in the description section type their contact name, postal address, postcode, email address, policy number, renewal date, and telephone number,  it would be great if Pinterest could recognise telephone numbers like it does with “prices” and allow you to dial them with just a click, but I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before they introduce this too.

On my third  “Secret Board I will keep copies of my driving licence, passport, holiday insurance, travel documents, car insurance, car recovery and breakdown policy, MOT, Vehicle Log Books, Guarantees, Certificates,  Invoices, Decree Nisi, Birth Certificate,

Thanks to Pinterest never again will I be asked for a telephone number, address or information from a document that I don’t instantly have access to, even if I had forgotten the original and left it at home in a drawer.  

My life is in order now, and I can get on with enjoying it ! 

If you’re not a Pinner, start now you won’t regret it!  

Happy Pinning Everyone and keep a look out for the next #pinitforwarduk blogger Lem Bingley from if you want to follow his Pinterest account its 

As for me I’m Barrie Crampton

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